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19 thoughts on “TEAM MATES WANTED!!

    1. A Tampa team is looking for a 4th member. Ratings: 1900, 1400,and 1400. Please contact at above address or a 813 356 8237.

    2. A Tampa team is looking for a 4th member. Ratings: 1900, 1400, 1400. Please reply to above or at 813 356 8237.

    3. interested. My son’s rating is 1551. On the comments page, I can see 2 more posted. we all can join .if interested call me 4047174839

    1. Dear Kevin, i am Forest rated 1856, i would like to play peach state doubles, is it possible that i can team with you, thanks.

  1. Our team is looking for a player whose Jan. supplement rating is in 1500s and who is committed to play the three day schedule. This person will play our second or third board. We have three players already.

  2. 1941 adult player coming from SC looking to join a serious team. Josh, if you are still interested, we might be able to round up a couple more to form a Carolina Crew.

  3. Ian Morton, I’m from Hartsville, SC and would love to join a team! I’m still a provisional rating around 1000 (being honest) and haven’t played in tournaments in over 10 years. However, I’m back into it and would like to be on a team. Will you help me out?

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