FEBRUARY 06-08 or 07-08

Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport, 1325 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30344. Right off of I-85. 1-404-768-6660. Rate: $89 for room. Parking: $6 a day, unlimited in and out privileges for all guests and players. Main Event: 5-SS, G/120, d5 (2-day Rd. 1 G/60, d5. 4-player teams with one optional alternate.
Team average (4 highest ratings-January list) must be under 2200. Winning team qualifies for National Online Playoff. Entry Fee: per player $45 by 2/04; $54 later. Special Entry Fee: $170 by 2/04; $195 later (any team changes $10). Scholastic teams $15 less, same school. Prizes: Top 1st – 3rd place teams, Top class teams, under 2000, under 1800, under 1600, under 1400, under 1200, under 1000, top Senior team, top Female team, top College
Team, top High School team, top Middle School team, top Elementary team receives a trophy plus plaques to each board plus alternate. Digital Clocks awarded to top two overall teams.

A trophy to the top four boards. 3-day schedule: Reg.: ends 7 p.m. on 2/06. Rounds: 7:30 p.m., 1:30 – 6:45, 10 – 2:45. 2-day schedule: Reg.: ends 9:30 a.m. Rd. 1 at 10, then merges with 3-day. Scholastic Event: (February 7th only!) 5-SS, G/25, d5. Entry Fee: $140 per team by 2/04; $155 later (any team changes
$10). (4-player teams) Must average under 1100 and be from same school. Trophies to top 3 teams, top under 900 team, under 700 team, under 500 team. Trophies to players on each team. Registration: 8:30 – 9:45 a.m
Rounds: 10:30 – 12 – 1:30 – 3:30 – 5:15. Info: (478)-973-9389 or www.americanchesspromotions.com
Enter: American Chess Promotions, 3055 General Lee Road, Macon, Georgia 31204 or website above.


  1. For the scholastic teams, what if a school has a number of kids not divisible by 4 who sign up. Will a team of 3 be allowed to compete? Combining with other schools? How will that be handled?

  2. (1) Can a school send two teams if it has eight players who want to play?
    (2) If you have five players and bring an alternate, can you alternate who sits out each round?
    (3) How do you calculate the average rating of the team if a player on the team was unrated as of the January supplement?
    (4) How is the tournament scored? Do you add up the points for all the players or do you count each round as a team win, loss or draw?
    (5) Can you register for the scholastic tournament on the website? The online registration form only offers you a 2-day or a 3-day playing schedule. How do you indicate you are registering for the scholastic event?

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